Weight loss portal is created by two enthusiastic, young people – Anna and Thomas. We have gone through various experiments in weight loss sphere and now we are ready to share that with you!

We will talk about healthy lifestyle, food, exercises and also some other weight loss means that sometimes can be very useful in the process of losing unwanted pounds.

As so many people are willing to lose weight exactly with the help of different weight loss supplements we offer you plenty of completely honest reviews based only on facts and not some unreal claims.

When we do study any of the weight loss pills mentioned on our website we go mainly through such points:

  • how does work specific weight loss supplement;
  • what are ingredients;
  • dosage (per day);
  • side effects (if any);
  • any disadvantages (for example, high price);
  • real testimonials (also before and after pictures);
  • guarantees (if any);
  • price and information where to buy it;
  • short conclusion.

To be completely honest with you there are not a lot of weight loss pills that do work, so make your decision smart and do research before really making a purchase!

It would be really great if our weight loss experience and knowledge could be useful for you! Let’s stay in touch!