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Capsiplex reviews introduce a scientifically proven to work completely natural fat burner. In a simple and easy way Capsiplex might help you:

  • Burn for 278 more calories daily and effectively meet your weight loss goal;
  • Suppress your appetite, and you will not gain an extra weight;
  • Increase your metabolism and lose those unwanted pounds.

Why choose it


There are plenty of weight loss pills promising you fast and amazing results.

However, how many of them are proven to work with clinical studies? How many of them contain only natural ingredients?

That is why we have chosen Capsiplex as our advised natural fat burner.

This is simply a safe, natural and proven method of how you can get back your slim appearance!

How does it work

The power of Capsiplex is its main ingredient- Capsicum Extract (derived from red pepper) that reduces appetite, increases metabolism, burns calories, reduces body mass and body fat, all mentioned together gives you a perfect option to lose weight.

How much weight can you lose with it

Of course, that would depend on your current weight. If you have a lot of weight to lose you can expect to lose up to 4 pounds in the first week and around 2 pounds per week in the coming weeks.



Capsiplex’s 100% natural formula contains:

  • Capsicum Extract (reduces appetite, body mass, body fat & increases metabolism);
  • Caffeine (increases energy levels);
  • Niacin/Vitamin B3 (increases metabolism);
  • Piperine (helps to absorb nutrients);
  • Vegetable cellulose;
  • Water.

The above mentioned active ingredients of Capsiplex are clinically proven to work for weight loss.



Capsiplex dosage is one capsule per day, which you have to take with water before breakfast. On your workout days, you have to take one Capsiplex capsule with water 30-60 minutes before you start to exercise.

How many capsules are in one bottle

There are 30 capsules per bottle, and it would last you exactly one month.


  • Capsiplex is unsuitable for vegetarians and vegans as it contains gelatin in the capsule gel;
  • If you do have some serious health problems you should consult a physician before you use this or any other fat burner.

Side effects

There are not any nasty side effects detected at the time of using Capsiplex as it contains only natural ingredients.

In rare cases, there can appear some feeling of hot flushes as it contains chili extract, which naturally increases temperature as the body burns fat.


I have lost more than 3 Stone thanks to Capsiplex! Tara


In 4 weeks I have lost 1st 3lbs. Rosie Lamont

I lost a stone with Capsiplex! Roxanne Pallett


  • Quality and safety (Capsiplex ingredients are 100% natural);
  • Effectiveness (Capsiplex is clinically proven to work).

Where to buy it

Of course, we encourage you to buy  Capsiplex only from the Capsiplex official websiteBesides, the price of Capsiplex is pretty affordable, it costs £29.99/$48.86 for a one-month supply.
1 Months Supply of Capsiplex£29.99
2 Months Supply of Capsiplex£53.98
3 Months Supply of Capsiplex£79.80


Capsiplex is exactly what you were looking for if you want to lose weight and get your confidence back with a completely natural and at the same time effective fat burner.

Do not miss it: There is an option for you to save money on your Capsiplex orders that are larger than three months’ supply.

Click here to start losing weight with Capsiplex – a completely natural fat burner!

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