Will Your Excess Weight Win You? Let’s Find Out!

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Will Your Excess Weight Win You? Let’s Find Out!

Sometimes we hear the phrase – to gain weight over the holidays. Diet doctors say – impossible, psychologists would add – do not lie! We will not judge but will give realistic advice on how to act in order not to blame yourself for the celebration of overweight and mirror to create exactly what you want to see it.

When a patient arrives at a nutritionist, he is ready to admit that putting 20, 30 or 40 pounds is not suddenly appeared. Weight increases by approximately 200 – 300 grams per day. Already it is not understood, it remains to add that knowledge will power to stop it.

The overweight children of the 21st century

“Today, infants are born with excess weight. You should not be happy about 4-5 kg of heavy newborn, “says dietitian Sarah Naimen, adding that she is worried about the increasing proportion of obese children in the first early years.

“Kindergarten menu is well organized, but once the children are at the age of first pocket money, it formed overweight because they can buy sweets, crisps, sweetened drinks. I currently have a lot of patients who are eight and nine years old. I measure their waist – their mothers are horrified to see that the children are the meter waist. ”

A huge contribution to both children and adult weight accretion provided that the food is easily available. “If people do not have access to the food they are thin,” the Sarah Naimen, remembering the times when chocolate was the exclusive purchase. We are not for the empty shelves and long queues at them to get the deficit products!

Food availability is positive because it gives the opportunity to choose a varied diet. The problem lies elsewhere – many are not familiar with nutritional and simply allow themselves to eat more than they need, satisfying the insatiable appetite.

Good appetite and lightweight hunger

Overweight does not, in any case, appear when you eat, hunger-run, when the body requires energy because you eat it immediately into energy. But what exactly is meant by hunger? “I usually have combined the concepts of “good appetite “and” light hunger”. If there is only a good appetite, you can eat one meal and five dishes that are completely unnecessary.

When it comes to hunger, many confuse it with the feeling of hunger. Good appetite and mild hunger, taken together, mean body clearly signals that the “time to refuel.” The body wants to eat and not the mind, “explains psychologist Jessica Blue and identifies a number of situations where we eat, guided by a false impression, or yield to emotions, rather than an objective assessment of hunger and also what we have already eaten.

The breakfast is required to eat

It is very likely that it is a day full of energy condition, but has some nuance – it should be done at the time of awakening the appetite.

Have you heard the claim – do not eat after six in the evening?

But many go to bed at midnight and if do not eat they actually fasted – around eight formed a fantasy about the breakfast menu, but in the morning they wake up with hunger and inadequate throws himself on top of the dish. The last meal should be 2-3 hours before going to bed!

Often the meal is deducted within a specified period, that is to say, it’s lunchtime, so eat a meal, while hunger has not yet been felt. If you work to regularize the working hours of certain noon, do experiment with a breakfast meal size and combine your first food so around midday, when most people, however, is the main meal of the day should have a healthy fashion hunger and appetite.

Eat to feel better. We tend to eat when the mood is bad befallen stress, namely, the mind wants to eat, but our body does not need it.

Overload is often the reason for extra kilos – if you take to do more than is capable your body, you are forced to give up a lot of energy, so the body requires additional reserves in the form of food.

Insufficient bedsore – we do renew during sleep, but if there has been no time for sleep, lack of energy is compensated with the food.

Always surplus of 2-3 kilograms

There are enough of people who occasionally find out – once again appeared on the surplus 2-3 kg. Sarah Naimen consider it the norm: “There are products that the digestive system is delayed longer, such as refined products.” In turn, Jessica Blue observed that most people who are concerned about the accumulated 2-3 kilos, they quickly lose.

But what about those people who do not get rid of the burden of some kilos? “If long-term does not tend to get rid of 2-3 kg, which means that energy wears something up. You either do something extra, or something important in their favor do not do.

Excess pounds can be an unnecessary emotion – fear, complex, failure, foreign assumption of responsibility, “explains psychologist and state that the unresolved tension problems, lose those pounds is difficult. “You get on and start something for themselves to do, but it will dissipate without a trace once connects the small daily stress. So seamlessly with food assistance again start to ease tensions. ”

Let’s throw them away!

The main prerequisite in order to lose weight, there are positive and loving towards yourself formulated the motivation to do it. It can be destructive, just will not be enough with the idea – then I’ll be fine, will feel happy, I love the ending! Psychologist offers words: “I want to be thin because then I can feel better, so it will produce better build relationships, slimming at the moment will start to love yourself, to yourself will watch as the people who have a successful relationship.”

“The biggest frustration of waiting, when losing weight, psychologically stay the same person. Right from the day when you start to follow a diet, you begin to love yourself, to start to build a relationship, what do you want, otherwise, others would notice.

Necessary for psychological change yourself to losing a lot of pounds, you do not become even more frustrated person – at the time focused on your weight and so much uneaten, you are focused on yourself, think only of yourself and you do not have time to build relationships and be happy, “said Jessica Blue and calls those who want to lose weight wishing my lifestyle for the mandatory introduction of two rules – first of all, what I was doing, come in my favor; secondly, it gives me joy and pleasure.

If successful, the hope is to create a lifestyle that result leads to an uncanny slimmer body.

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