Jessica Alba Diet – What Is Her Diet Secret


As so many people want to learn how an actress Jessica Alba got her perfect body after pregnancy, we decided to include Jessica’s  Alba diet in the list as well!

This time, we will start with emphases on sports activities that let Jessica reach her weight loss aims. We consider this so important because it is a great example on that how exactly sport helps to lose weight and not just some magic diet! If you want to follow her example you will have to work out quite a lot! At least 45 minutes to 1 hour a day, 5 times a week that could include using a stationary bike and also weights.

Talking about her diet, in general, it looks like South Beach diet with lean meat, whole grains, low-fat cheeses, fruits, and vegetables.

Jessica Alba Diet Plan

  • breakfast (1 cup oatmeal with berries, 3-4 scrambled egg whites);
  • lunch (6 ounces salad from chicken breast/fish (salmon, tuna));
  • dinner (6 ounces Sashimi/petit filet/beef/other lean protein product with the unlimited amount of vegetables and 3 small red potatoes);
  • snacks ( a handful of almonds/hot air popped popcorn).

In addition to a balanced diet, Jessica also watches her carbs, leaving bread and desserts off the menu. Even so, if there is a time when she wants to eat chocolate, she simply takes one!

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