Diet That Helps To Live In Harmony With Yourself

Diet That Helps To Live In Harmony With Yourself

Only two years ago Jane decided to try Fairy Shape your friends’ recommended dietary program, of course, by including a considerable dose of skepticism. Today she is a Shape your friends’ club manager that helps others to build a menu so that they eat healthy, wholesome diet and lose kilos.

Only Short-Term Weight Loss Success

She already won the biggest fight of her life when already at the age of two she won leukemia. Unfortunately, the disease went away, leaving the little girl so much changed the hormonal and metabolic system that she spent her childhood, desperately trying not to become an overweight girl. Unfortunately, the success was short-term.

The first diet she tried by herself was at teenager ages when she ate very little or did not eat at all. Thus, at the same time three times a week had a volleyball drills, then this attempt ended with a burnout.

When Jane was 18 years old, she sought out one of the most well-known European nutritionists, hoping for his advice usefulness. “Helped” – she says.

Weighs 67 kg, and half the time my weight dropped to 58 kg. She was the essence of the recommended dietary eat everything, but without salt. This means that when she was out of the house and could not eat anything, in principle, could not buy ready-made food. The only benefit was that she could eat sweets. Since she had an irresistible craving for sweets, food almost exclusively from fruits, yogurts and a variety of sweets. She also did not have anything more.

However, when Jane went on a trip to Switzerland, which lasted two weeks, she had no other option but to eat the same things that ate the rest. Returned from a trip Jane could not longer pull oneself frost-free dishes and half a year on weight by almost 20 kg. As to accept it was difficult, so she applied for a consultation to blaze a nutritionist, which unfortunately did not find a common language with her.

Finally, she decided to try the acupuncture. But the therapist was a smart woman and she has made it clear that a miracle will not be the same had to deal with being overweight. This conversation helped her to realize that all depends on her, or she will have a height, one would like.

Diet For A Good Life

Two years ago Jane weighed 76 kg. It was much more unforgivable, says Jane by explaining why themselves Shape your friends’ club, although it did not believe in force. Why she started to meet similar people. Each had its own story, as when you are overweight and fought with excess kilograms. Each of the clubs once a week was others accountable for their progress psychologically motivated to stick to a diet plan.

vegetables_dietJane was fascinated by the fact that, despite the fact that both eat a lot, scales showing less and less weight. With Shape, your friends’ help of his weight dropped to 63 kg. She does it every day, she thinks about her diet, but it does not interfere with the right to live in accordance with yourself,” says Jane, and she said, confirming the appetite with which she enjoyed lunch during the interview. She does not have to jump through hoops with the idea of what and why she can not eat. My diet more than ever, a vegetable. Fruit ate very little because she does not want to.

Jane knows that she like most people a day should not receive more than 1200 kcal. However, the calculator in the head of the conversion of food calories and units, she triggered only for the first few months. At that time, all that eating lean on home scales. Now she knows approximately how much weight the most commonly used foods. Fairy day eat at least 500 grams of fresh vegetables. Meat her daily meal at least 150 to 200 grams. They all know how to convert units, but the system is not complicated. It is set up so that everyone can understand.

The difficult subject of this diet is to count with redundantly required cooking menus and weekly meetings. Group lessons are important, confirms Jane. Girls who for three weeks have not had time to come to classes immediately feel that adopted the weight. She also itself become a team leader precisely in order to be seized in freedom itself.

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