Dangerous Diets – How Can They Harm Your Health


There are so many dangerous diets out there that you even cannot imagine! Unfortunately, different kind of diet dangers probably is not the first thought that comes into a mind when you start thinking about that you would need a diet!

Even so, you should think about that how you are treating your body very closely. It is very beautiful to have a slim body, but you always have to think what “price” do you pay to get it! The harder is dieting the worst can be consequences that your health will have to go through.

Main Dangers Of Diets

  • if you are taking diet pills as part of your diet, possible dangers can appear as their side effects such as seizures, depression, heart attacks, rapid heart rate, strokes, nervousness and also insomnia;
  • each diet has its particular dangers. Unfortunately, the most often mentioned on the Internet is Atkins diet. One of them is an excess acidity that is caused by the high level of protein and fats, can lead even to loss of calcium from your bones;
  • energy exchange decreases, it means that your body is trying to survive on the low energy levels, and that results as slower metabolism;
  • after the diet most people revert to old eating habits, and that lets your body get back and increase fat reserves, and those reserves can become even bigger than before (yo-yo effect);
  • often dieting can lead to eating disorders such as dysphagia(difficulty of swallowing) and/or bulimia;
  • whether they are eggs, pineapple, potatoes or grains, extreme diet is based on the extremely uniform food choices, this, in turn, creates a lack of  various nutrients and that results as tiredness, hunger feeling, concentration and metabolic disorders;
  • short-term success motivates only at the beginning. Later uncontrolled hunger pangs and undesirable yo-yo effect creates feelings of being a loser, it also can cause depression and lead to eating disorders as well;
  • taking not sufficiently balanced diet can cause even impaired of brain functioning.