Food and hunger – how they affect weight loss process

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Food and hunger come together whenever we are talking about losing weight with the help of some kind of diet. Feeling hungry is often one of the most typical problems that individuals will encounter when attempting to lose weight.  Your diet can move off track if hunger creeps up on yours, even if you have been doing perfectly well on your diet program.

Even more, feeling hungry is likely one of the reasons why many people give up on their diet. There are some foods that could cause you to feel hungrier; by avoiding them you may no longer find hunger a problem.

Let’s go over the top foods that cause hunger so you can see precisely what to avoid.

White Rice

You will often become hungry fairly quickly after eating White Rice. When you do eat it you might experience a large increase in blood sugar, following this you will see a decline as insulin is released which results in less glucose in your blood.

If our sugar levels are low our brain will tell us to consume more food.

Sugary Cereals

The 2nd food which will increase your hunger levels is sugary cereals, in a similar way that white rice does. Even if the cereals you consume are healthy and low in fat, they might still contain a high quantity of sugar.

For complete hunger control from your morning meal, choose a breakfast cereal that contains no added sugar for example oatmeal or bran cereal. Cereals with less sugar content will help boost your weight loss efforts.

Snack Bars

Snack bars are recognized to be low in protein and higher in fat, resulting in carbohydrates not being balanced. You will usually experience a sugar spike, which is then followed by reduced energy.

Many people will still snack throughout the day because they are continuing to snack out to try and recover their energy levels. It can become very hard to cut back your fat, as you’re consuming more calories.


Candy is the final food and possibly among the worst foods when hunger is concerned. You will often feel full pretty quickly with a sudden energy burst, although this really is just a temporary sugar high. Candy can actually be much worse for you then snack bats, it’s because Candy is pure sugar which means it’ll increase your blood sugar levels a lot more. Stay away from candy!

So there you have the main foods to note if you wish to control your hunger levels and succeed at your fat loss diet program. Taking a fat loss suppressant will also go a long way towards getting your hunger under control making sure that you are not struggling with food cravings throughout the day.