Motivation to lose weight and exercise

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To reach your weight loss goals you definitely will need serious motivation to lose weight and exercise! Do not worry if at some point on your diet you do find it difficult to stay motivated, this can be normal. It is, however, important to try and keep your motivation, people that do are able to see more results on a long-term basis. Do not feel down if the motivation levels have decreased. There is a way you can get your motivation back and never let it decrease again!

You need to create a journal. If you do ever need a bit of motivation, looking at a journal that you have written in each day will help. Let’s examine a few of the facts which are required to know in order to journal properly to improve your motivation.

Take Pictures

Taking pictures is an excellent method to keep your motivation up, it means that you can keep track of the progress. If you need to spot a difference in the body shape, take a look at pictures taken 3-4 weeks ago. Just looking at the body from a mirror will make it harder for you to notice a change. You will see that the work your doing is working by doing this.

List Your Weight Lifted

It is often a good idea to keep track of the amount of weight you lift during each workout. If you have been writing down the total amount of weight you’re able to lift, you’ll likely see this increasing even though your body shape has not changed. Being able to lift more weight is helping you achieve the body you desire since you have more new lean muscle, which will probably be beneficial in the long run.

List How You Feel About Your Day

In your journal you must list how you feel, this can be very important. If your feeling frustrated, upset or angry then its recommended to note these down. Doing this can allow you to notice different trends in your behavior, keeping a note of your feelings can help you deal with them and stay on the right track with your program.

It is very common to comfort eat if someone is feeling low, many don’t even realize that they are doing it. By keeping track of the feelings on a daily basis can help you to regulate your eating habits to ensure you don’t comfort eat.

Combining an effective journal with a suitable workout program, a fantastic diet, and an effective appetite suppressant, it is possible to speed up your results. Therefore as you can see using a journal will help you increase your motivation and stick to your weight loss program.