What Are The Most Powerful Weight Loss Pills Ingredients

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Weight loss pills ingredients are the most important factor you should take into account when choosing any kind of diet pills. If you have a chance to choose natural ingredients, it is great, however, not always artificial ingredients mean a threat to your health as well.

Natural Ingredients Of Weight Loss Pills

You can find weight loss pills containing only natural ingredients pretty simple as lately they have become more popular. People tend to live in a bigger balance with nature, and they also are searching for everything the best that nature can give them, including powerful ingredients that are capable of helping to lose weight.

With natural ingredients, we understand ingredients that are derived only from natural sources. In most cases, they would be derived from plants.

Some examples of natural weight loss ingredients would be Capsicum Extract (derived from red pepper) like in Capsiplex, cactus Opuntia ficus – indica like in Proactol Plus and Hoodia Gordonii like in UniqueHoodia.

Artificial Ingredients Of Weight Loss Pills

This group of weight loss pills tends to be more effective. Even so, you always have to keep in mind that this brings up a higher chance of getting some side effects. As an example of weight loss pills containing artificial ingredients, we would name Phen375, which is one of the strongest legal fat burners developed.

Important! Dangerous Ingredients

Unfortunately, there are also diet pills containing even dangerous ingredients. You should definitely avoid any mentioned below:

  • Bitter orange (can cause an irregular heartbeat,  ischemic colitis, seizures);
  • Chaparral (can cause kidney, liver problems);
  • Comfrey (can cause liver toxicity, liver failure);
  • Ephedra (can cause an irregular heartbeat, stroke, seizures, heart attack, sudden death);
  • Gamma-hydroxybutyrate acid (GHB) (can cause vomiting, breathing problems, seizures, death);
  • Germander (can cause irreversible liver abnormalities, liver failure);
  • Guar gum (can cause esophageal or gastrointestinal (GI) obstruction, death);
  • Heartleaf (can cause an irregular heartbeat,  heart attack, stroke, sudden death);
  • Guarana (can cause angina, an irregular heartbeat,  may trigger seizures).
  • Yohimbe (can cause changes in blood pressure, an irregular heartbeat, heart attack).


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